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Stacia (Mullaney) Werksma grew up in Gouverneur and spent the past 6 years as a TV news reporter in Michigan. Early this year, she and her husband quit their jobs to travel across Europe for a few months. Before we left, we checked out the Gouverneur Museum with my family and she wrote a blog post about it.

"The Little Museum That Could"

The snow fell down in giant fluffy flakes as we walked up the four marble steps leading to the tall wooden door.

Curator and village historian, Joe Laurenza, was upstairs in the library when we arrived. Hearing the door, he came running down the steps, crying “I’m here! We’re open!” Given that the museum gets about 1,100 visitors a year, the surprise in his voice made sense.

To understand the Gouverneur Museum, you have understand Joe. He has lived in Gouverneur since the 1960s but he still has a heavy Boston accent carried over from growing up in Andover. You can tell he’s a retired teacher because, even though he lets you browse the museum on your own, if you utter a question (or even think it too hard) Joe is there ready to supply an answer. I can see his comfort zone is firmly rooted in history when he tells us he distrusts online banking.

Read more... visit the blog page.

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