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The Gouverneur Museum is more than just a repository for old objects. These objects were the props in the lives of people who lived in the Gouverneur area and they link the past to our present. Unraveling history takes patient investigation and the right questions. What might seem to be just a "dusty old thing" might tell us something unexpected about the people who owned and loved that object when it was brand new and shiny.

deed scale
Kaplan Department Store Santa The Original Deed for Gouverneur Balducci Scale
ParlorOrgan La Tosca Accordian dollhouse
The Parlor Organ La Tosca Piano-Key Accordion Victorian Style Dollhouse
clock hair osw
The Pendulum Clock Human Hair Wreath The "Oswegatchie" Steamer
radio campbell boy
FaDa Radio Campbell Kid baby Boy in the Green Dress
Prince saddle uniform
Prince of Toy Land Civil War Saddle War of 1812 Dragoon Uniform
uniform basin haircurler
World War I Uniform Washbasin and Pitcher Permanent Wave Machine
dresses sewing machine fans
Women's Dress Collection Sewing Machine Hand Fan Collection
cash register artist theater
Cash Register Artist's Map of Gouverneur The Gralyn Theater Projector
minerals hosecart lifesaver
The Minerals Collection Gouverneur's First Firetruck LifeSaver® Candy
Foyer Living Room Music Room Dining Room Meeting Room Out Building
Military Room Children's Room Bedroom Women's Room Research Cellar