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Postcards are snapshots. Like all photographs, they capture a moment in time, one selected by the eye of the photographer. Postcards were the email of their time - short, sweet, and informative. "This is where I am and what I'm seeing. Wish you were here."
arch church street high school main street

Most of the postcards in the Museum's collection are unmarked, either by year or by the photographer. When there is no postmark, establishing an approximate date has to be based on what we see in the picture or know to be historically true. For example, the original design for the Memorial Arch did not have an eagle on top. Jennie Dean donated the eagle a year after the arch was completed.

In the mini series postcard of the arch above, we see the eagle, so we know it must be dated after 1906.Some of the postcards have sweet or practical messages written on the back. One postcard message asks for a job, another one, is from someone named Fred...

Fred wrote to his sister in 1915:

Dear Sister, Reached here safe Went to work last night do not like it very well may like it better. Fred

freds postcard

Sounds like a text message, doesn't it?

Click the postcard for a closer look.

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