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A rule of thumb in almost any search engine: to match an exact phrase, use quotes around the phrase. Example: "Rhoda Fox Graves."

By default, a search tries to locate pages which have exact matches for all of the words entered in your search query but not necessarily in the order you want. The search then tries to locate pages which contain ANY words in your search query.

GO There are four SEARCH TYPES in the Gouverneur Newspaper Database. Use the popup menu to select the type you want:
    1. EXACT PHRASE: the words must appear next to each other on the page. (This is the same as entering the search words in quotation marks.)
    2. ALL OF THE WORDS: all of the words must appear somewhere on the same page.
    3. ANY OF THE WORDS: any one of the words must appear somewhere on the page.
    4. BOOLEAN SEARCH: Use connectors such as and and or to indicate the relationship between words or phrases in your search request.

      Example: apple and pear --- Both words must be present.
      Example: apple or pear --- Either word can be present.
      Example: apple w/5 pear --- Apple must occur within 5 words of pear.

GO STEMMING : Stemming extends a search to cover variations on a word. For example, a stemmed search for "fish" would also find "fishing." A search for "applied" would also find "applying," "applies," and "apply."

There are two ways to add stemming to your searches:
1.) Check the Stemming box in the search pop up form to enable stemming for all of the words in your search request.

2.) If you want to add stemming selectively, add a tilde(tilde) at the end of words that you want stemmed in a search. Example: apply~